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PINAUD x ABC x MJ: "Jumbo" hemostatic pencil

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The PINAUD "Jumbo" haemostatic pencilcloses small scratches and cuts immediately and thus prevents the penetration of dirt and germs. Dabbing with paper only causes infections and should be avoided at all costs! Just moisten the tip with water and dab onto the small wound. After a while, carefully dab off any traces with a clean, damp cloth.

After use, dab dry well and allow to dry briefly, then store dry and well ventilated in the case, this is when the pens last the longest. The material attracts some moisture from the air, so do not store near the shower or similarly damp places!


  • PINAUD hemostatic pencils "Jumbo"
  • Cover with drying hole
  • Ingredients: Aluminum Sulfate, Titanium Dioxide
  • Content 28 gram

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