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Cesare Attolini Tie "Club" made of pure silk - hand rolled

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(Non-EU: 158,82 € excl. tax)

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The long-established house Cesare Attolini combines tradition and modern standards masterfully. Premium quality and handcrafted in Naples. It’s a three-fold design for more volume, hand-rolled and with small insert.

“Small” seam irregularities on the inside are typical indicators of true sewing. Because of the premium craftsmanship, each tie is unique.

Length and width can have small tolerances.

A great addition to a sports jacket or a suit made by Cesare Attolini, who combines Neapolitan nonchalance with elegance like no other. Masterfully completed by a pocket square from the same manufactory.


  • Material: 100% silk
  • Farbe: dark blue, brown
  • Pattern: stripes "Club"
  • Hand-rolled
  • Maße: 8 x 150 cm

Handmade in Naples!


Founded in 1930 in Napoli, Cesare Attolini is without a doubt one of best things the Neapolitan art of tailoringcan offer in terms of suits & jacket. The grandchildren of Vincenzo Attolini, inventor of the Giacca Mappina, are admired by the whole world of tailoring for their modelsof soft shoulders, high armholes and incredible comfort. This quality claim and especially the craftsmanship is also reflected in the ties by the Attolini manufactory. 

ID: CA25059

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