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Specials X MJ Guercilena 1944 x MJ: Cardigan "Arthure Ashe" made of pure mako-cotton

349,00 €
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(Non-EU: 293,28 € excl. tax)

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GUERCILENA 1944 - A modern interpretation of the classic cricket sweater.

Primo Guercilena, representative of many luxury fashion brands and an icon of style, especially in Japan, he is celebrated as a style hero, produces his own brand for the first time and knits close to the Lombardy capital of Milan. Finest cotton models designed by him.

A luxurious cotton quality in a modern interpretation of the traditional cricket sweater.

Perfectly combined with a vintage shirt by Finamore, natural white trousers by Rota and a blazer by De Petrillo. A perfect ensemble.


  • Modell: Arthure Ashe
  • Material: 100% cotton - Egypt Mako-Cotton
  • Color: Sand, dark blue, gray
  • V-neck with contrasting stripe
  • Cable pattern

100% Made in Italy.

ID: GU26003

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