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Exclusively for Michael Jondral: Sartoriale Bermuda "Forte dei Marmi" in pure linen - Rota Sartorial

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<p><strong>MJ'S DETAILS</strong></p>
<p>A "must have" for your summer wardrobe is this Bermuda made of cool linen. The Bermuda convinces with the sartorial processing of the house of Rota and its modern and elegant fit, which offers a wonderful wearing comfort.</p>
<p>The perfect leg dress in combination with a linen shirt by Borriello or Finamore, a polo by Fedeli or G.Inglese and skillfully combined, with a blue jacket by De Petrillo or Orazio Luciano.</p>
<p>A wide leg, the 1cm increased body height, side waistband adjusters, the 4cm wide waistband and in particular the 2 pleats and the flap on the front watch pocket and the two back pockets, are the main features of this exclusive MJ's model.</p>
<p>A Bermuda for the perfect sartorial look!</p>
<p>This cut is only available by us - MJ "House-Cut"!</p>
<li>Linie: Rota Sartorial</li>
<li>Model "Forte dei Marmi"</li>
<li>Material: 100% linen - Lino Solbiati</li>
<li>Color: Natural white</li>
<li>Two Pleats</li>
<li>Buttoned front</li>
<li>Front Coin pocket with buttoned flap</li>
<li>2 back pockets with buttoned flap</li>
<li>Dark brown contrast stitch</li>
<li>Side adjuster</li>
<li>Extended waistband</li>
<li>Waistband width 4cm</li>
<li>Suspender buttons</li>
<li>Horn buttons</li>
<p>100% Made in Italy!</p>


Since 1962 Rota produces perfectly fitted trousers and chinos made of the best materials and is now in its third generation. The small production in Fidenza near Parma sews only in their family manufactory, inspired by the tradition of sartorial manufactories. It is not for nothing that the company points towards their sartorial tradition. Together with Rota, Michael Jondral has developed a model which combines the tradition and processing with a modern cut. In Germany, only offered exclusively at our shop. Searching for a fabulous fit? That is exactly what Rota and Michael Jondral offer with these models, manufactured in a small factory.

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