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Stivaleria Savoia Ankle-Boat "Montagna Norvegese" made from vintage calfskin - purely handcrafted

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(Non-EU: 628,15 € excl. tax)

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Stivaleria Savoia was founded in 1870 and is based on the experience of master shoemakers who made boots for the Savoia Cavalleria regiment in the Milanese barracks, on the neighbouring Via Vincenzo Monti. The small company was taken over in 2004 by the famous Neapolitan necktie maker E. Marinella and since then has been producing all the shoes for Maurizio Marinella and his stores.

Besides the Bespoke shoemaker's order, today a small line of RTW shoes has developed, which are normally only sold in the Stivaleria's own store.

The loyal contact between Marinella and MJ, allows us to offer a small selection of boots of the Stivaleria. We thank for this with pride.

Here is a hiking boat that reflects the typical tradition of the house and its craftsmanship.

Stivaleria Savoia exclusively for Michael Jondral!


  • Mod.: Ankle Boat - "Montagna Norvegese"
  • Material: calfskin
  • Color: Medium brown
  • Hand polished anitique polishing
  • Goodyear frame stitched
  • Storm Welted - Norvegese hand stitch
  • Metal eyelets and Speed Hooks
  • Sole: Original Vibram - Gumlite profile

Handmade in Milano!

ID: SS27003

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