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Specials X MJ Book - Gentleman Lookbook by Bernhard Roetzel

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Gentleman Lookbook 

For many years Michael Jondral has had a friendly relationship with Bernhard Roetzel. As the author of the bestseller "The Gentleman", Bernhard Roetzel has become world-wide famous and his book about the basic rules of classical dressing has been translated into many languages.
The "Gentleman Lookbook" is now his latest book and Bernhard Roetzel has chosen men, whose clothing style he particularly likes and whose looks are very independent. Whether Simon Brompton of Permanent Style, Andreas Weinas from Sweden, Nicola Radon from Naples or Michael Jondral himself.
Let yourself be inspired by the looks and get ideas for your next purchase.
A book that belongs to the library of every gentleman. If you wish to have a copy signed by MJ, please mark "Signature" in the order.
128 pages paperback
Publisher: H.F. Ullmann (April 2017)
Language: German


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