Business Shirts

What would be a gentleman without matching shirts in his wardrobe? An unimaginable image which is already condemned to failure. The elegant Cesare Attolini suit, the nicest Bontoni shoes  cannot develop their effects as long as the most striking piece of clothing is a gaffe. 

The menswear specialist Michael Jondral does not only offer a perfectly fitted business shirt from renowned houses such as Finamore or Cesare Attolini. You will rather dive into the world of Neapolitan sophistication. Indeed, there is a difference between a man's shirts and a gentleman's shirt, if you understand what we mean.

The exclusive and high-quality processing are just as mandatory as the excellent Neapolitan fit, skillfully folded back and of course the handmade detailing on the shoulders, the button holes, as well as on the collar itself.

Sartorial Shirts

The right business shirt is not only an expression of one's world view, but undoubtedly occupies an advanced and extremely important position in the daily life of every man.

This begins with the choice of fabric and the color and ends with the right choice of collar – matching your face shape. Perhaps you have already heard that not every collar is compatible with every face shape. The choice of the right material is an individual and personal matter, because nothing compares to the feeling of finest quality on your skin.

Whatever your requirements for your sartorial shirt are, the shirt is always an expression of own personality and is undoubtedly a required part of the modern wardrobe. It does not matter if the shirt is worn with a suit or under a Fedeli cashmere cardigan.

The shirts that are sold by Michael Jondral, are always handmade from fine yarns in Italy. On top of that, the shirts, which are exclusively made for Michael Jondral,  are perfectly equipped with a modern, but not too narrow cut for the male body silhouette.

The choice of material ranges from cashmere cotton and caviar flannels to, especially in summery months, fine poplin or Irish linen. Often, cotton is used in midsummer when it is allowed to be more informal. To the fabric suppliers count the finest fabrics of Alumo, a Swiss manufacturer of best cotton fabrics, and of course luxury fabrics by Carlo Riva, which provide cotton / linen blends and pure linen. Especially in the summer a good linen shirt can play a central role.

Handmade Shirts 

The most important detail of a shirt is without a doubt the choice of the collar. Specifically, when the shirt is worn with a tie, the collar as a style element is very important. Whether it is with a suit or under a sweater, the collar is responsible for almost the entire appearance.

This circumstance is also more than known to the traditional Neapolitan shirt manufactory Finamore. Since 1925, the manufactory based in Naples is producing some of the most luxurious shirts for the man of the world. The brand stands not only for style and good taste, but mainly polarizes by the countless hand-sewn manufacturing.

The entire Finamore shirt is completely processed by hand. Not only the buttonholes are sewn by hand and with extremely fine stitches, but also the shoulders and collar. The technology developed and perfected by Finamore  to process a collar softly, but to also give it the grip it needs, earned worldwide recognition.