Luxurious Jeans 

Even a modern gentleman needs a loyal and indestructible partner with whom he can enjoy a stylishly casual weekend on his country estate. It is proven that you should not be taking care of undesirable wrinkles or stains while you stay in rural areas. What could be better suited for this purpose than the good and well-tried Denim?

It is normal that the modern gentleman cannot always jump over the facades of the world like James Bond in a Tom Ford or Brioni suit. The leisure time is characterized by the use of a pair of chinos or jeans. This is not particularly surprising as the common jeans is one of the most versatile garments of all.

The luxury jeans looks great with a white Finamore shirt, or with a cuddly Fedeli cashmere sweater. Whether with a sports jacket by Orazio Luciano and Saint Crispins Derby shoes, or with casual dress loafers by Carmina  and a Safari Jacket by Cesare Attolini - you see, we could continue this list with the entire menswear range and would not find a sartorial end.

Designer Jeans

What has then begun with Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen and James Dean in their jeans, is carried on up to the present time. Invented in 1872 and placed on the market, blue jeans have not changed a bit. However, the jeans has not stayed a symbol of rebellion against authority or even tradition. It is rather the real tradition of the pants themselves that is maintained and further developed.

The typical indigo blue color was discovered incidentally several years after the launch of the canvas trousers. Since then, the color is an integral part of the jeans and has always belonged to the basic equipment of any well-stocked men's wardrobe.

That denim, jeans or blue jeans are not always the same as denim, jeans and blue jeans are proving known manufacturers like Cesare Attolini, Finamore and Fedeli. With its modern and equally sartorial interpretations, e.g. with added cashmere, they interpret the world of luxurious jeans again. Mixing the classic cotton fabric with a luxurious cashmere, unexpected opportunities in the field of comfort and creativity were created.

"I think it is a great idea to add more softness to the rough denim" - says Michael Jondral about the luxury jeans. So you not only get the perfect addition for a casual weekend where tradition finds its luxurious interpretation but also gain valuable comfort.

Brands such as E. Marinella  even go so far as to provide the lining of jeans with silk tie and to combine the classic five pocket style with side pockets in the way a pair of chino has them. 

That jeans must feel rough on the skin, is a thing of the past. Discover the "soft" tailoring from the best manufacturers in the world, which now also offer the classics, the "5 Pocket Men's Jeans" in the renewed design. Factories & designers like Finamore or Cesare Attollini have incorporated a lot of love for detail in every single denim pants. Did you not always wanted to have a pair of jeans with a tie silk lining or shirt lining? Now it is possible and even in a modern slim fit design, paired with a straight leg cut.

Haberdasher Online

That online shopping at the menswear specialist does not have to run necessarily impersonal, proves the haberdasher Michael Jondral. If you have any questions about the products, such as questions about size, material, or simply want to talk about the brand diversity, Michael Jondral will most possibly answer the phone himself. In an era of ever-increasing anonymity, the personal relationship with each customer is still very important for him.