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Carmina Shoes

Carmina Shoemaker was founded in 1866 by Matias Pujadas. It was initially responsible for the production of sewn-welted shoes until in the 60s/70s Carmina managed the big breakthrough. Nowadays, Carmina Shoemaker counts to Spain's largest shoe companies and is internationally known for a very good price / performance ratio.

Classic models such as Oxford, Derby, Penny loafers, Tassel loafers and Chelsea shoes are made in a contemporary style. This manifests itself in various shoe lasts that always convey a modern attitude. The most popular shoe lasts are the "Carmina Last Rain". It is a perfect blend of classical, modern and very comfortable fit. The shoes are available in many different leathers and shapes.

Each shoe by Carmina Shoemaker is handcrafted and with a precision and technology, that has been passed on from generations to generations. By now, the traditional company is managed by its 3rd generation and has always carefully enhanced itself. Modern gentlemen will appreciate the high quality and individuality. 

Goodyear Welted Shoes 

The production time of one pair of shoes, taking into account that all steps are carried out by hand, takes up to 1 1/2 working days. The actual production relies on the Goodyear method. It is not for nothing that lovers of welted shoes prefer this method. It is a great attribute of quality shoe production.

In this type of production, the sole is connected with the upper part of the shoes via the Goodyear Welted method. The sole of a welted shoe consists of several layers. These are filled with a special cork blend, which is not only responsible for excellent insulation, but also ensures an optimal wearing comfort.

In a complicated staining process, the handcrafted individual items are then provided with the characteristic of the models patina. For this purpose, various waxes, such as bee or Canauba wax are applied to the natural leather. You will not find a single shoe that is like another. This is something special and the wonderful thing about a handmade product. 

Especially the Tassel loafers, boots & derbys enjoy great popularity everywhere. They do not only exude a certain charm, but rather form a solid basis for your personal "Wardrobe Key Items".

Own shops in Barcelona, Palma and Paris, as well as the partnership with the best multi-brand retailers in the world, such as The Armoury in Hong Long and New York, Leather Foot in Toronto, Isetan and United Arrows in Tokyo and Skoaktiebolaget in Stockholm call for optimal reputation. And now also with us.

Carmina Goodyear Welted

"For a long time I have been following this family from Mallorca, mostly known as a holiday destination. After Mr. Phillipp Car of Saint Crispin and my friends from The Armoury confirmed the quality of the shoes by Carmina, I knew these shoes belong to our assortment. I had never seen shoes in this price range with such a good fit and finish. An entry-level product for the next generation into the world of welted shoes, "says Michael Jondral.

One more reason to look at the shoes in more detail, because this addition to our artisanal masterpieces of Cesare Attolini, Finamore or Orazio Luciano cuts a fine figure! By creating an interesting price range they are also used as a  "start up" in our sartorial world.

The models can be ordered with different shoelasts and designs. For our delivery times, pricing for single orders or for personal consultations regarding sizes and fit, please contact us directly under: shop@michaeljondral.com