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Simonnot-Godard White patterned pocket square made of "Fil de Bouche" cotton

99,01 €
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(Non-EU: 85,35 € excl. tax)

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A true rarity!

This white patterned pocket square by Simonnot-Godard is characterized by its fineness and promises the highest quality. The "Fil de Bouche" cotton is weaved in France since 1906 on old wooden looms and its hand-rolled edges offer its user easy handling in folding and thus wearing. An incomparable luxury from the archive of Simonnot Godard - a finer texture than with this pocket square does not exist.


  • White patterned pocket square
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Color: white
  • Size: 27 x 27 cm

Hand-rolled and weaved in France !


The house Simonnot Godard stands for making the world's finest pocket squares and handkerchiefs. In his studio in the French Caullery, in northern France, small works of art made of the finest hand-woven cotton fabrics are being produced for more than 200 years. Offered products are: pocket squares, handkerchiefs and more recently leather belt.

ID: SG002

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