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William Lockie Knitted hat "Ribbed Hat" made of pure Scottish 3 ply cashmere

99,01 €
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(Non-EU: 85,35 € excl. tax)

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William Lockie is one of the oldest family-run luxury knitwear companies in Scotland, based in Hawick. Rich in history and tradition, it has been a family run business since 1874. The secret of William Lockie's success is the precision of a unique manufacturing process, coupled with the highest quality raw materials - Cashmere, Camelhair, Geelong, Lambswool and, in summer, a rarer mix of Cashmere and Linen.

Cashmere is the so-called "fibre of kings" and is unrivalled in luxury, warmth and durability. William Lockie's cashmere comes from mountain goats found in the icy climate zones of China and Mongolia. These incredible animals grow a fluffy undercoat to protect them from winter temperatures as low as -40°C. This undercoat is our cashmere, which is shorn under the most valuable protection and spun in the yarn spinning mill of Todd & Duncan.

This ribbed hat made of pure cashmere is convincing by its unique quality and is the ideal warming companion for the colder days of the year.


  • Model: Cap "Ribbed Hat"
  • Material: 100% cashmere - 3 ply
  • Colour: dark blue - American Navy
  • One size

Knitted in Hawick - Scotland!

ID: WL27026

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