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Specials X MJ Razor blades FEATHER FHS-10 made high-grade steel

5,00 €
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FEATHER Razor blades
Modell FHS-10

Double-edged razor blade (so-called DE-blade - DE = double edge), suitable for all popular razor blade razors which is only perfect in combination with our original FEATHER razor.
Cult status - perhaps the sharpest razor blade! Highly coveted blade from Japan, the land of scary sharp swords and famous chef's knives. Already at the first turn you notice the fabulous sharpness - these blades glide smoothly through the whiskers. The sharpness is impressive and leads to a perfect result of your shave. The durability, precision and reliability of the platinum-coated high-performance stainless steel blade made from state-of-the-art industrial equipment is considered by many to be the ultimate among DE blades. It is not for nothing that the Feather razor blade is the declared favorite blade of most experts!
Each dispenser is packed in protective foil and each blade is individually packed, guaranteeing long shelf life. The plastic dispensers have a rear holder for the used blades, ideally also when on the move.
In conjunction with our products by Antica Barbieria Cola and the original FEATHER razor, your morning shave takes on a new dimension. The shave for the sartorial gentleman!
  • 10 blades
  • Material: steel, platinum-coated

100% made in Japan

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