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Petronius Exclusively for Michael Jondral: Scarf "Honeycomb" made of pure Scottish cashmere

486,42 €
incl. tax

(Non-EU: 419,33 € excl. tax)

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Our friendly relationship with the owner family Wollisch has enabled us to produce a small edition of cashmere scarfs in the workshop of Petronius. The special feature of these scarves is the special texture, which is created by traditional weaving techniques. Historic, hand-operated wooden looms give a slightly more open texture and give the Scottish cashmere a very soft touch.

Hand-knotted fringes on the ends are a typical sign of this wonderful handcraft.

This beautiful scarf made of the finest cashmere is a "must-have" for your casual autumn look.


  • Scarf "Honeycomb"
  • Material: 100% Scottish cashmere
  • Color: flannel gray
  • Handcrafted
  • Size: ca. 180 x 45 cm

100% handcrafted in Italy!

ID: PE23002

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