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Specials X MJ Pearl bracelet "Corno Portafortuna" made from colorful pearls - purely handcrafted

228,99 €
incl. tax

(Non-EU: 192,43 € excl. tax)

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Michael Jondral has these bracelets made in Naples in Via Toledo.

In the historic center of Naples, the Spanish quarter "Quartiere Spagnoli", Elisabetta "Bella" De Rosa makes small Neapolitan jewelry and lucky charms. She has specialized in the threading of small pearls and creates beautiful bracelets. With the addition of the Neapolitan lucky charm "Corno", each bracelet is transformed into a lucky charm and protects against the "evil eye" so dreaded in Naples.

Wear such a bracelet next to your precious wristwatch and it will capture a little of the subtle spirit of Naples.

Always limited availability.

Special lengths on request.


  • Mother-of-pearl bracelet
  • Multicolor
  • Beads of glass, ceramic, stone - individually mixed
  • Pendant "Corno" silber
  • Threaded and knotted by hand
  • diameter approx. 55mm - small tolerances possible

Handmade in Naples

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