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Specials X MJ Nicola Radano x Michael Jondral: Bandana "Maradona arrivo a Napoli"

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The love for Naples does not allow to forget the myth of Diego Armando Maradona. He was one of them and embodies the feeling of "us against the rest of the world"! For, at the time, an incredible 12 million euros, Maradona moved from CF Barcelona to SSC Napoli and made himself immortal in Naples. Unfortunately, he then actually left us in 2020.
The motif shows his arrival, on 05 July 1984 at the Stadio San Paolo, which was celebrated by more than 75,000 Neapolitans.
A bandana of historical value, not only for Maradona fans.
Spaccaneapolis da Nicola Radano exclusively for Michael Jondral!
  • Bandana "Maradona arrivo a Napoli"
  • Material:100% cotton
  • Color: Acqua blue, Brown - Multicolor
  • Hand rolled
  • Dimensions: 52 x 52cm
  • Limited quantity
Handmade in Napoli!

ID: MJNR28001

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