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E. Marinella MJ Exklusiv: Patterned tie "Classico" made of pure English silk

179,00 €
incl. tax

(Non-EU: 150,42 € excl. tax)

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Eugenio Marinella stands for THE Neapolitan tie and has become world famous with his ties.

Marinella ties are worn by stars, top politicians and business leaders. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Silvio Berlusconi or Charles, Prince of Wales are fans of this tie and the great Gianni Agnelli wore it with passion!

Discover the unique quality of these handmade ties, which are folded in a traditional "3 fold" technique and with 9cm width.

Possible small tolerances of the seams are a typical sign of real manual work.

Alessandro Marinella and father Maurizio strive to remain a symbol of elegance, luxury and Italian lifestyle.


  • Material: 100% silk
  • Color: Light pink
  • Handprinted
  • 3-Fold
  • Self Tipped - with same tie fabric
  • Size: 9 x 148 cm

Handcrafted in Naples!


Tie king Maurizio Marinella stands in the third generation for the internationally recognized tie pattern made of hand-printed English silk. The ties are considered a status symbol. Many heads of state call it their possession, and in the Neapolitan shop of the Marinella family, some letters of thanks from former US President Bill Clinton and former German heads of state are on display.

ID: MA26018

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