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Barbarulo Napoli Tie pin "San Gennaro" made of Sterling silver - handcrafted

199,00 €
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(Non-EU: 167,23 € excl. tax)

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The love and passion for working with valuable materials, which has been handed down to future generations as a legacy since 1894, has made the Barbarulo family name synonymous with tradition and authenticity in handmade jewelry from Naples.

Tie pins were made famous in England at the beginning of the 19th century. Initially used to fix the tie, they became popular as jewelry for wealthy gentlemen. Here is a tie pin with the motif of "San Gennaro", the patron saint of Naples.

Decorate your tie with this tie pin and crown your appearance as a gentleman and show your love for Naples!


  • Tie Pin "San Gennaro"
  • Head: san gennaro 9ct gold
  • Pin: 6 cm - sterling silver rhodium finish

Handmade in Napoli!


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