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Maglia Striped umbrella "Lord" with massive wooden frame and handle made of hickory wood

499,00 €

(Non-EU: 419,33 €)

included VAT, plus Shipping Costs
Delivery time 1-3 working days

Its special hickory wood makes this umbrella something special. With this model "Lord" by Francesco Maglia you are perfectly protected and you will not have to stand in the rain for sure. The umbrella has a solid wooden frame and thus makes it a special and artisanal valuable object.

For Francesco Maglia, the hickory wood, from the plants of the walnut plant, is the culmination of the qualities under the umbrella woods.

The special and valuable feature of the umbrella is the twill cloth, which is completely water-repellent. Thus, the umbrella requires only a very short time to dry.

  • Dark blue and taupe fabric - striped
  • Handle and frame made of exclusive "Hickory"
  • Wooden frame, handle and tip to unscrew
  • Height: 92cm, 63cm (without handle and tip)
  • Span: 120cm
Handcrafted in Milan

ID: FM21018

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