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Maglia Dark brown striped umbrella "Traveler" with bamboo handle

449,00 €
incl. tax

(Non-EU: 377,31 € excl. tax)

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For your travels please use this umbrella. The "Traveler" under the umbrellas. If you do not want it to be a telescopic umbrella and you still want to travel dry into the distance, then you are perfectly equipped with this model by Francesco Maglia. The umbrella has a solid wooden frame and through its removable wooden handle and the removable wooden tip, it can be stowed away perfectly in a suitcase.

So you are protected from rain at your destination as a gentleman and you do not have to resort to the advertising screen of your hotel.

The special and valuable feature of this umbrella is the twill fabric consisting of pure polyester. It is completely water-resistant, so the rain drips off.



  • Dark brown fabric
  • Bmboo handle 
  • Robust wooden frame
  • Size:
  • Height: 92cm, without handle and tip: 63cm
  • Span: 120cm !!!

Handcrafted in Milan

ID: FM22002

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