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Specials X MJ Styptic pencil "Jumbo"

10,00 €
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PINAUD Styptic pencil "Jumbo"

Closes small scratches and cuts immediately, thereby preventing the ingress of dirt and germs. Dabbing with paper only causes infection and should be avoided at all costs! Moisten only the tip with water and dab on the small wound. After a while, carefully dab off any traces with a clean, damp cloth.

We also offer a smaller travel option. Both pens have the same function and differ only in size. The extra-large pen is for the bathroom at home, the travel version is to take away - but not too thin. Each in practical case with dry hole and therefore easy to dry everywhere.
Dab dry well after use and let it dry briefly. The material absorbs some moisture from the air, so do not keep it near the shower or similar damp places!
  • Volume: 28 gram


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