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Antica Barbieria Colla Apricot Hull Aftershave

62,00 €
incl. tax

(Non-EU: 52,10 € excl. tax)

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The "Dopobarba al Mallo di Albicocche" aftershave by the house "Antica Barbieria Colla" is manufactured according to the strictest quality controls in Italy. The special feature of this aftershave is that it is made from the outer skin of the apricot. When used, the aftershave gives off a fruity, spicy fragrance. The special feature of the recipe is that this aftershave works without any alcohol and still cools the skin and heals minor injuries. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The higher price is due to the complex manufacturing process.


  • Volume: 100ml
  • Classic design
  • Has a nourishing and soothing effect
  • Main ingredients: apricot skin

100% Made in Milano, Italy!


Antica Barbieria Colla is one of the most famous and exclusive barber shops in the world. Founded by Dino Colla in 1904 in Milan, the barber shop has made a name for itself over the 113 years of its existence. The current owner Franco Bompieri says about himself that he has only two interests, these are his profession as a barber and his existence as a writer. He pursues both characteristics with tireless ambition, so his shop is not only worldwide known, but it is also a place in which it is possible to discuss politics and literature in a pleasant atmosphere. The specialty lies not only in the excellent craftsmanship with scissors and the razors, but also in the refined care products. Many of our products have been around for many decades and have thrilled quite a few famous customers. MJ also steps by for an appointment with the hairdresser every time he is in Milan and is completely delighted with the products and the aura of the store. For him, the barber shop is the epitome of Italian style and Grandezza.

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