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Aspesi - Behind The Brand


Italian Nonchalance with Sportswear

Aspesi is positioning itself in the field of sportswear and casualwear with its minimalistic elegance as the epitome of Italian charm.

Reduced to the essentials, the Sportswear collection convinces with a consistently timeless color palette. These include earthy shades, as well as classic colors such as navy blue or white, which give the entire collection a subtle elegance and the beloved Italian touch.

The collection is expanded by prints and modern high-tech materials, whereby the label is not only a fan of the latter, but even has its own "research and development department".

The purchase of the fabric is, by the way, the chief subject, which Alberto Aspesi takes very personally! Purchases are only what he likes personally and these are practically the best Japanese or Italian fabrics.

So the Aspesi customer can rely not only on a clear silhouette and minimalist details but also on the best materials selection!

Ein Beitrag geteilt von ASPESI Germany (@aspesi_germany)

Secret Matter ASPESI

Although the ASPESI brand has been part of Milan's Ready-to-Wear scene for almost thirty years, not a lot is known about the company.

This attitude is also reflected in the manner of marketing. Aspesi renounces e.g. entirely on classic advertising as well as on fashion shows.

The company founder loves this understatement so much that boss Alberto Aspesi remains invisible and almost no interviews exist!

It is therefore part of the philosophy of Alberto Aspesi to deliberately stand in the background and focus exclusively on the quality of the clothing!

The company's founder believes that in this way much more space is created for individuality and creativity in the production of the garments. Thus, the understatement of the collection is fully represented in its beauty by the founder.

With a Field Jacket And a Special Price Policy Tipped for International Success

Aspesi sells its collections in more than ten flagship stores worldwide. Pioneering and highly appreciated by Michael Jondral is the seducing secret of Alberto Aspesi to offer Italian collections at affordable prices.

This piece of art is achieved by the company through its price policy, which, in addition to material costs and production, only calculates with a "normal mark-up".

Special about it: the customers get a 100% Designed In Italy - more precisely in Legnano - piece of clothing.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von AlbertoAspesi (@aspesiofficial)

The "normal mark-up" is possible, because the fashion house completely renounces marketing, fashion shows and public relations.

Following the dictates of the classical price structure, far from modern fashion standards, it is not surprising that Aspesi knows how to convince by the art of classical clothing.

Field jackets are the most popular and absolute fan favorites. Elegant and timeless, the Field jackets play an essential role in the design of a casual outfit and are very popular in Italy, Japan and increasingly also in Germany.

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